For existing dashboards:

  1. In Dashboards, click Panel Options:

    Panel Options button on upper-right side of Dashboard panel

  2. Select Properties.  
  3. Click Select for the appropriate filters.  
  4. Mark the Query radio button.  
  5. Browse and select the specific query.  
  6. Click OK twice.  

For new dashboards:

  1. In Dashboard, click New.  
  2. Select to include a Query from Available Panels (for example, to base the dashboard on a Campaign query, select Campaign query, etc.).  
  3. With this highlighted under Selected Panels, click Edit.  
  4. In the query section, choose the Select button.  
  5. Search for and include the appropriate query.  

Alternative solution if unable to update to 7.82:

  1. In Dashboard, click Customize.  
  2. On the Customize Dashboard screen in the Selected Panels (right) frame, highlight the appropriate dashboard and click Edit.  
  3. On the Dashboard screen, click Select for the value by which the dashboard should be filtered (e.g. funds).  
  4. On the Selected [Fields Name] screen next to Include, choose Selected.  
  5. Move the appropriate values to the right frame.  
  6. Click OK until you return to the main Dashboard screen.