To create a new template:

    1. From the Navigation Bar, select Journal Entry
    2. In the Batch type field, select Recurring Amount Batch or Recurring Percent Batch
    3. On the action bar, click New Recurring Amount Batch or click New Recurring Percent Batch
    4. Enter the batch ID and the description of the batch in the corresponding fields
    5. To use a default set for this recurring batch, click the binoculars to search for and select an existing default set

      Note: If you choose a default set, the values appear in the Default (D) row of the journal entry grid. When entering transactions, the defaults can be inserted in cells by placing your cursor in a cell and pressing F2.
    6. In the Batch notes field, enter any comments to associate with the batch.
    7. Once you have entered a default set and/or batch notes, you can hide the Default set and Batch notes fields by clicking Hide Detail.
    8. Once you have entered the batch detail information, you can continue by entering recurring transactions and/or distributions, or you can click Save and Close and return to the batch later. 

              To use the recurring template:

    1. From the Journal Entry page, click New Regular Batch
    2. Enter a batch Description and click Save 
    3. Select Batch>Use a Recurring Batch from the menu bar
    4. Select the appropriate batch and click Open, the Batch Information screen appears
    5. Enter a Post Date and click OK

    When creating a Recurring Amount Batch or a Recurring Percent Batch, it asks for a post date. You have to open and post the batch. The software will not automatically post the batch on that date.

    To post the batch:

    1. In Journal Entry, open the recurring batch that has not been posted.
    2. Click 'Batch', 'Post Batch'.
    *Note* Recurring Batches is not available in FE NXT. This will be a feature of FE NXT in the future.