If purposely entering the constituency code multiple times, consider adding an attribute or a new constituency code during the data entry process that indicates the constituent has multiple instances of a constituency code.

  1. Create a constituent query, to capture the records with the constituent code.
  2. Create a constituent export, using the query in Step 1. Select Comma-Separated Values (.csv) as the format.
  3. On the Output tab, export Constituent Codes, Code Long Description.
  4. Select to export 2 codes per constituent, and filter on the one constituent code.
  5. Export any other information, such as ID, Name, etc.
  6. In Excel, sort by the second constituent code column. This will sort records with the code listed twice on their Bio 2 tab.
  7. If a query is needed, remove all rows with one constituent code. Make sure that Import ID has been exported for each constituent.
  8. Remove all columns except for the Import ID (or SSN/Constituent ID).
  9. Use this file in import to create a query of updated records


Write a static query using VBA.  For more information on VBA, email your account representative.