Because the structure of the database has changed, the following items will not convert to ensure the integrity of the system.
  • Accounting Queue:
    Queues and output actions defined in the optional module Accounting Queue do not convert. We recommend that you document your queues and output actions before upgrading so you can easily recreate them in The Financial Edge using the optional module Accounting Queue.
  • Charts of accounts:
    Once you convert your data, you need to recreate your charts of accounts using chart templates in the Visual Chart Organizer. To prepare for this, print all your charts of accounts so you can recreate each as an individual chart template in General Ledger 7.
  • Custom reports:
    Custom reports created in Crystal Reports, including those created by Blackbaud, do not convert. However, we have greatly enhanced the standard reporting functionality of The Financial Edge. As a result, you may be able to use the new standard reporting features to gather the same information. If you still need a specific report from Crystal Reports, you can recreate it yourself or contact Customer Support's Crystal Report writing team.
  • Default fee schedules:
    If your organization uses the optional module Interest Income Allocation with Accounting for Nonprofits 6.4, you may have allocation pools defined with default fee schedules. These default fee schedules do not convert when you upgrade to The Financial Edge. After converting, you will need to recreate your default schedules using the optional module Allocation Management in The Financial Edge.
  • Interfund sets:
    Because interfund entries are handled differently in the The Financial Edge, interfund entries created in Configuration of Accounting for Nonprofits 6.4 will not convert to Interfund Sets in The Financial Edge. Once you convert to The Financial Edge, you will need to establish new interfund sets prior to creating any transactions in Fixed Assets 7.
  • Negative payments with negative and positive distributions:
    When converting your data, negative payments with a single negative distribution convert and the cash account is displayed as the credit account on the GL Distributions tab of the Payment record (Distribution section). The negative debit to cash becomes a credit, the other side of the transaction becomes a debit, and the negative distribution becomes a miscellaneous entry. However, negative payments with both negative and positive distributions do not convert. Instead, they appear on your exception report (Except.Txt) once the conversion is complete. Using the exception report, re-enter these payments using miscellaneous entries.
  • Queries:
    It is not possible to convert queries and maintain the integrity of the results; therefore, you should recreate your most commonly used queries after the conversion. You can print a query control report for each query to assist you with the re-creation process.
  • Report parameters:
    If your organization uses specific report parameters, write them down or print them so you can easily recreate new parameter sets in The Financial Edge.
  • Security groups:
    The security users convert. However, the groups to which each user is assigned do not convert. The administrator must re-establish user rights by re-creating the groups once the conversion is complete. Re-creating these groups will give you the opportunity to take advantage of new security features available in The Financial Edge. We recommend you write down the rights established for each security group so this information can be entered in The Financial Edge.
  • System preferences:
    Most system preferences do not convert. System preferences in Accounting for Nonprofits have been replaced by Business Rules in The Financial Edge. You should write down your system preferences prior to conversion and use them to set up the Business Rules after conversion is complete. The Business Rules also include new preferences not available in Accounting for Nonprofits.
  • User options:
    We recommend that each user writes down his/her user options and configure them again once The Financial Edge is up and running.
Optional items:
  • For Accounts Receivable and Miscellaneous Cash Receipts, you can convert all data, just balances and client information, or no data at all.
  • For Student Billing, you can convert all data, records and Configuration only, or Configuration only.

For more information on converting to The Financial Edge, refer to: