Begin by reviewing samples other organizations have created and added to the Shared Client Documents: Policies and Procedures forum. There are examples in the community or you can start your own discussion if you don't see the specifics you need.

Here are some guidelines for policies and procedures manuals:  

  • Start with the basics: What fields must contain data? What constituency codes and attributes are present and when are they used? What is the soft credit policy? 
  • Include administrative information, such as the security policy and backup procedure. 
  • Involve everyone in the process; divide the manual into sections and review it together. 
  • Include a reports section, listing your weekly, monthly, and annual reports and their parameters.
  • Include escalation procedures for database users to follow when troubleshooting issues. 
  • Add it to the intranet or network and save a shortcut to it on every desktop.
  • Remember to update your manual when a new situation arises; make it a living document.