To create the letter and envelope in the same mail merge file:
    To print the merge envelope directly from the Constituent record:

    For more information on using Mail Merge within Mail, please refer to the The Raiser's Edge & Microsoft Office Integration Guide.

    • Run Quick Letters or Honor/Memorial Acknowledgment Letters. If applicable, click Include, choose selected and browse to and select a query.

      Note: Be sure to use Quick Letters and not Labels or Envelopes. Labels and Envelopes are preformatted, and the formatting is exported with them. When merging into Word, they will merge but will not line up or have other formatting issues.  If you need to merge Labels and Envelopes separately, please refer to BB57053.
    • Click Send to Mail Merge Wizard 
    • Click Next 
    • Select Perform a simple mail merge using only one document 
    • Click Create merge document 
    • In Office 2007, select Add Ins tab to Insert The Raiser's Edge fields and create the letter

      Note: If only creating envelopes, only insert fields needed for the envelopes.
    • Highlight the fields to be included in the label or envelopes and right-click to select Copy
    • Select the Mailings tab and click create Label or Envelopes
    • Right-click and select Paste in order to paste the fields in the labels or envelopes
    • If desired, enter the return address 
    • Click Add to Document
    • Finish formatting the letters and envelopes
    • Click Save and Return to RE7 
    • Select Finish to complete the merge
    • In order to print all letters or all envelopes first, print odd pages only (for envelopes) and then even pages only (for letters)
      1. Select Tools from the menu bar of Microsoft Word.
      2. Letters and mailings > Envelopes and labels.
      3. Click options to set the Envelope size and font of type
      4. Click Add to document
      5. Select text box for entering address on envelope
      6. Insert The Raiser's Edge fields as needed
      7. Save and close