1. Create a Constituent query of the records to include in the email. These should have a valid email address on Bio 1
  2. Create a Constituent export based upon the query. Include all fields you wish to include as merge fields in the email. Do not include the email address
  3. Select NetSolutions, NetMail
  4. Click New Email
  5. Select the export. Assign a NetMail name and Subject line
  6. Create the email. Press the F1 key on the keyboard to load detailed steps on adding parts of the email
  7. Select File, Submit to send the email. Preview it
  8. Click Submit to send

The NetMail server sends the emails within 1 hour. Any returned emails are downloaded as transactions in NetSolutions. If the email will surpass the 5000/month transaction quota, contact your Account Manager to purchase additional blocks of 5000 before sending the email. View current transaction quota via Configure and Customize, Account Info, Click here to view transaction statistics.