Merging budgets causes accounts to overlap in the budgets to be merged and have zero dollar amounts in original budgets.

When merging two or more budgets with overlapping accounts, the amounts for these accounts will net.  When the original budgets contain zero dollar amounts, these will be copied into the new budget as well.

Follow these steps to merge budget scenarios:
  1. In Records, click Budgets.
  2. Select Tools, Budget tools from menu bar.
  3. Select Merge scenarios, click Next. 
  4. Select the appropriate Fiscal year. 
  5. Select the Scenario IDs to merge. 
  6. Select the Scenario ID you want to save the merged scenario in. This can be either an existing Scenario ID chosen from drop-down list, or you can type in a new Scenario ID and be prompted to add the new scenario.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Verify the Summary information is correct.  
  9. Click Merge Now.
  10. Click View Control Report to review the merge results, or click Close.