Note: The phone types must be updated in Raiser's Edge. Your table entries in The Raiser's Edge must be E-mail, E-mail 2, and E-mail 3 (not e-mail, Email, or any other variation). Globally change any phone type table entries that do not match exactly before running the synchronization. 

If your database is hosted with Blackbaud Hosting Services, configure Outlook in the hosting environment before configuring Outlook Integration.

  1. Enable Outlook synchronization
  2. Click Options on the Outlook toolbar. The options link The Raiser's Edge to Outlook. 
  3. To link an Outlook record to a record in The Raiser's Edge, click the Create Link toolbar button from the selected Outlook record. 
  4. Follow the prompts in the linking wizard. 
  5. Click Synchronize on the Outlook toolbar to synchronize records based on your selections on the Raiser's Edge Synchronization Options screen tabs. 
  6. If using RE:Anywhere, configure Outlook Integration for use with RE:Anywhere

For detailed instructions, refer to the Microsoft Outlook Integration section of the The Raiser's Edge & Microsoft Office Integration Guide (PDF)