Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

1. In Records, Invoices, open the Invoice and check the transaction, post date, and the post status.
2. On the Payments/Credits tab, make note of what bank has been selected in the 'Payments from Bank Account' field.
3. Also on the Payments/Credits tab, make sure that if voided payments exist, that the Date falls prior to the 'Calculate Aging as of' date on the report parameters. (Otherwise the invoice will still be considered paid by these voided checks when the report is run, and therefore will be excluded, or the total may be incorrect in the case of a split payment invoice)
4. In Reports, Invoice Reports, open the Aged Accounts Payable Report parameters.
5. On the General tab, mark the 'Include deleted invoices with reversal date on or after the 'Aging As Of' date' checkbox.
6. Make sure that the dates on the General tab include the applicable invoice, and that the filters specified on the Filters tab don't exclude the invoice (such as the Invoices filter or Banks filter).
7. Preview or print the report.