Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

Note: On workstations with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, the program must be run "as an administrator" after trying each step.  To do this, right-click on the Financial Edge icon and select "Run as administrator".

Note: Incorrect changes to registry settings can cause serious system problems that may be irreversible without reinstallation of the operating system. You must back up your registry before making any registry changes. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect use of the Registry Editor.  

  1. Determine the location of the Deploy folder from the Blackbaud Management Console [SQL Server]
  2. Grant all users Read and Execute rights to the Deploy folder on the server
  3. Delete the BBUPDATE.INI file in the workstation and manually update the workstation by running Setup.exe from the Deploy package on the server
  4. At the affected workstation, edit the Registry to enter the correct deploy path.
    1. Go to:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\7.0 (32-bit operating systems); or
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\7.0 (64-bit operating systems)
    2. Modify the InstallSource and AFN64InstallSource key value to point to the UNC path of the deploy folder on the server.  Exit the Registry
  5. Verify you can access the deploy folder.
    1. Go to Start, Run
    2. Enter the value from the InstallSource and click OK
    3. If you get the error "Network Path Not Found", ping the server to verify network connectivity
    4. If the ping fails, contact your network administrator

If Blackbaud hosts your database:

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