1. Click Mail, Follow up Letters and Create a New Follow up Letter
  2. On the General tab, select the records for which to print the letters
  3. On the Fields to Include tab, select the appropriate fields to export. Customize which addressee and salutation is exported by clicking Options.
  4. On all other tabs, select the appropriate information as follows:
  5. On the Attributes tab, include or exclude records based on attributes. For example, you may exclude records marked with special mailing codes such as Deceased or Do Not Solicit.
  6. On the Address tab, select the appropriate address for this mailing. For information on Address Processing, refer to How does address processing work in Raiser's Edge 7 (BB518).
  7. Export the data:
    1. Select File, Export from the menu bar.
    2. Select the preferred data format. Typically, the requested format is comma-separated values (CSV). However, you should verify the format with your mailing house.
    3. Name the data file.
    4. Select a location in which to save the file. We recommend you save the data file to your hard drive (i.e., C:\MY DOCUMENTS\). Once the file is exported you can copy it to a disk if it is not too large. If the file is too large for one diskette, zip the file.