Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
    • Ensure that the correct sort is selected on the Sort tab. If sorting by multiple fields, ensure that they are listed in the correct order.
    • Check to see if the field is alphanumeric. Some fields may contain only numbers but is actually an alphanumeric field such as the constituent ID. An example sort for constituent ID is 1, 10, 100, 2, 20, 200.
    • If sorting by addressee/salutation, sort by the name or sort key instead:
      1. Open Query and create a constituent query..

      2. Select Constituent Information, Name or Constituent Information, Sort Key for the sort

        Note: Both the name and sort key take into account both organizations and individuals. The sort key also includes constituent ID.
      • If the same field is selected for the sort twice, remove one of them.
      • If only one constituent is affected, it could be corrupt. For example, the constituent always appears at the top of the query when the query is sorted alphabetically, but the constituent's last name is not first alphabetically. To correct this:
        1. Create a new constituent record with the same first and last name

        2. Merge the old record to the new record