With the Reminder Report mail task, you can print a report to determine which constituents received pledge reminders, based on the selections you make in the Pledge Reminders mail task. You can also use this report to verify that a reminder was mailed to a constituent. You can print a pledge reminder report only after printing pledge reminders.

The pledge reminder report contains the name of each constituent receiving a reminder, the pledge date, the fund to which the pledge was designated, the pledge amount, and any information entered in the Reference field on the Gift tab of the gift record. The pledge reminder report also lists the total number of pledges and the total monetary amount included in the report. You can customize the report by adding formatting, such as subtitles and footers.

To run the Reminder Report:
  1. Navigate to Mail> Reminder Report
  2. Enter the same parameters that were entered in Pledge Reminders to have the report look at the same people and criteria
  3. If you would like a query of these records, on the General tab mark the option to Create a Gift output query
  4. Save the Query when prompted after clicking Preview or Print for the report