When a gift has been marked as Posted to the General Ledger, it must be changed using the Adjustment feature so that an audit trail can be preserved for accounting purposes.
  1. Open the pledge
  2. Select Gift, Adjust from the menu bar
  3. If the original installment date is from a closed fiscal period, mark the 'Use adjustment GL post date for the reversal GL post date' checkbox on the Adjustment tab.
  4. Select the Installment Schedule tab


  5. Click Reschedule
  6. Indicate the new installment frequency, number of installments, and start date


  7. Click Next to view the schedule results


  8. Click Finish
  9. Save and close the adjustment, and the following screen will appear

    Payment and Write-Off Distributions 

  10. Choose to either manually apply the pledge payments to the pledge by double-clicking on the payment, and marking the installment to apply it to, or Click Auto Distribute to All to automatically apply the payments to the pledge installments.
  11. Click OK

The new installment schedule now applies to the pledge. The adjustment will be posted to the General Ledger during the next Post to the General Ledger process.

Other scenarios and steps for rescheduling pledges are outlined in our blog posts on rescheduling pledges.

Also refer to How to reschedule a pledge marked as Not Posted or Do Not Post.