The Dropped Member Report lists the memberships that have been dropped from an active standing during the time period you specify on the General tab of the parameters. The report prints the total number of memberships and members either by sort/break or grand total. By default, this report does not look at the current standing.  

For example, Cindy's membership was dropped on 1/15/2005. She rejoined on 6/20/2005. On the General tab of the report parameters, you select This calendar year for the date range. Even though Cindy's membership is now current, it still prints on the Dropped Member Report because it was dropped in the specified time period (e.g. this calendar year). To exclude memberships that are currently active, select the Filters tab. In the Current Standings row, choose Include Selected and select Dropped.

To print the report:

    • Click Reports, Membership Reports

    • Select Dropped Member Report and click New

    • Go through each tab and fill out the appropriate parameters
    • Click Print or Preview

      The report prints the following information:

      • Member name - This is determined by the options selected on the Format tab, Name Formats. It is the for the primary member.
      • Membership - This column can show the program, category, and subcategory for the membership being displayed. This is selected on the Format tab, Detail. At least one of the three must be selected.
      • Date Dropped
      • Total number of members - It is calculated by totaling the Total number of members on this membership field on the Other Members and Card Information button of the membership record.
      • Total number of memberships - It is calculated by looking at the membership record itself

      The following information can be optionally included on the report by selecting the Format tab, Detail.

        • Maiden names
        • Joint member names
        • Comments

        The following columns can be optionally included on the report by selecting the Format tab, Optional Columns. Only two optional columns may be selected.

          • Current Standing
          • Reason
          • Spouse Name