The Comparative Membership Statistics Report helps you track which time periods produce the most membership activity and the most membership revenue. The report is a powerful tool for analyzing your membership data, especially as you plan the timing for your next membership drive.

The report includes three distinct sections with very different types of data, comparing across up to 5 report periods. Analysis for each period is divided into three sections:
  • The top section is based on "point in time' comparisons.  It calculates total memberships and membership revenue by category, program, or subcategory.
  • The middle section is based on activity.  It calculates activity by membership type, such as new memberships, renewals, rejoins, upgrades, and downgrades.
  • The bottom section includes summary totals for dropped and lapsed memberships, as well as the overall retention rate per report period. The Retention Rate is calculated as: (Start # - Dropped #) / (Start #) x 100
    • The Start # is located in the top section
    • Note:  Do NOT use the total numbers at the bottom or middle sections of the report for the Start Number, as those totals at the bottom are calculated based on the the total activity for the members during the time period selected, not the actual Start Numbers from the top section of the report
    • The Dropped # is located in the bottom section

To run the report:
  1. On the General tab:
    • Select the other statistics that appear in the first section of the report
    • In the Counts to Include frame, select Start memberships, End memberships, or Both
  2. On the Report Periods tab:
    • Enter at least one Start Date and one End Date
  3. On the Format tab:
    • Select whether to compare category, program, or subcategory in the first section of the report
    • Highlight Detail, and mark the appropriate checkbox in the Display Options for Membership Types frame
    • Highlight Optional Columns to include a column for either Dues or Total paid. Dues pulls from the dues for the membership level, and Total paid pulls from the amount of the linked gifts - all of which might not be applied toward the memberships.