1. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Query, and open the merged query that needs to be updated.
2. Click Run Now in the lower right hand corner of the query.
3. Click Records in the top task bar and select Refresh.
4. The message "This is a static query.  After the query has been saved the system will generate keys for the records that meet the specified criteria." will display.  Click OK.
5. The message "Keys for static query '[query name]' were successfully created.  X record(s) met specified criteria.  Elapsed Time= Y" will display.  Click OK.
6. The static query is now refreshed.

Note:  If the original primary and secondary queries are static queries, refresh them (BB4449), save them again, and then refresh the merged query.
            If you need to change the source queries or merge operator (BB99976), change the source query or the operator then refresh the merged query.

            This feature is not available in the Education Edge--in order to refresh the results of the Merged Query, the two queries will need to be merged again