The Crystal Reports version 8.5 or 11 CDs, shipped with our software, include only one user license for Crystal Reports Standard. Refer to What version of Crystal Reports is compatible? if you are unsure which version of Crystal Reports was shipped with your software version.

How this affects individual users:

  • Users can store and run custom Crystal Reports from the Custom Reports section of the Reports module, or their Home page, which does not require a Crystal license. Also, users no longer need Crystal Reports installed on their workstation to view Crystal Reports. Therefore, the only users that need a Crystal Reports license are those users that design or edit custom reports.

  • Crystal Decisions' licensing model is not like Blackbaud's licensing agreement, which looks at the number of concurrent users. Instead, Crystal Decisions' licensing is per installation. This means if you have one Crystal Reports user license, you may install Crystal Reports on only one workstation and only one user can access it at a time. 

  • Each license is associated with a particular product, which means if one user is reporting off both The Financial Edge and The Raiser's Edge, that user requires two Crystal Reports Standard licenses.

  • A Crystal Reports Professional license is required to use Crystal Reports to run reports directly off a SQL Server database running MSDE with Read-Only Database Assistance or running SQL Server Standard or Enterprise.

Crystal Reports Standard or additional Professional licenses are no longer available for purchase by Blackbaud.