A direct connection is only available with the VBA, API, Read-Only Database Assistance, or RE:Open. However, we do not recommend doing this for many reasons:
1. It requires an additional database license
2. It increases the chances of database corruption
3. There is no control over the accuracy of the data. People who are neither employees, or trained in The Raiser's Edge can update the live database
4. This configuration allows a connection directly into the database from the Internet, opening the door to hackers

We recommend dumping the information input on your Web page into Microsoft Excel or Access. Someone at your organization can check the accuracy of the data, verify that all required information is included, and then import the data into The Raiser's Edge.

If you would like to display the information from The Raiser's Edge, export the data from The Raiser's Edge into an Access database. Connect the Web page to this database.

We are unable to support setting up a Web server and connecting it to a database. Your IT dept, web designer, webmaster, or outside consultant will be able to assist you with this.