Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Verify you are posting from the correct sub-ledger.
  2. On the Post parameters Filters tab, verify the correct date range and filters are defined. Transactions that do not meet the all post criteria will be excluded.
  3. In the Post parameter verify the following:
    • For Purchase Orders, mark the box for Post Purchase Order transactions with this Journal Code.
    • If posting adjustments from Cash Management refer to How to post bank adjustments.
    • For Accounts Receivable or Cash Receipts, Mark the Include deposits whose actual receipt totals do not match the projected totals checkbox in the Filters tab.
  4. Open each transaction and verify the following:
    • The post status is Not Yet Posted.
    • The post date is within the range of the report.
    • For Accounts Payable invoices, the status is approved. If you do not want to require approval, you can remove the approval business rule.
    • For Payroll, verify calculation is paid.
      Note: Unpaid calculations cannot be posted because they may still be edited until paid.
  5. Remove all filters from the post parameters and change the date filter to Include all dates.
  6. Create new post parameters.
  7. Should this be an adjustment created following a payment being voided from a deposit, this will be required to post, and the Post Status cannot be changed.  Please post this item, and if needed, edit through manual journal entries. 
  8. Change the status:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Open one of the charges you are getting this error on.
  • Change the status from Not yet posted to Do not post, save and close.
  • Reopen the charge, change status back to Not yet posted, save and close.
  • Try to post again.
For more information, refer to What determines which transactions will post to General Ledger?.

In some instances the following steps have corrected this error. It is recommended to verify all the steps above before performing this fix.
Manually Update/Repair the workstation
Update The Financial Edge