1. Open a Gift batch
2. From the Tools menu, select Import Standing Orders. The screen is divided into five main sections containing several fields where you can select specific standing order criteria. Under What do you want to do?, you can select Import standing order file into batch, Validate standing order file only, or Print standing order file only.

Under What file do you want to import?, you can select your sponsoring bank in
the Data source field. The bank you select is the bank that sends your
organisation the standing order file. In the Import file field, you can select the location of the standing order file you want to import.

Under What instalments do you want to pay?, select a date in the Pay
instalments as of field specifying the standing order payments to be included in
the importing or validating process.

Under If no unpaid commitments are found, select whether you want to Create
a cash gift and a Gift default set. You can also select the Pay a future
instalment, and Do not import (an exception will be created) options.

Under Import options, you can check the Create exception file of gifts not
imported checkbox and specify a location to store the exception file. You can
also check the Create exception report and Create control report checkboxes
to view or print an exception or control report for the importing process.

3. Select the Import Now button to process the data file.

For more detailed information about these options, please view the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Guide.