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The NetClassroom logo can be replaced with your organization's logo. The new logo will display on all NetClassroom pages. 

  1. Save the logo file to the /Program files/Blackbaud/NC7 folder on the server
  2. Open Configuration and click NetClassroom
  3. Select Customize
  4. In the Replace logo with field, enter the path to the logo file, such as
    http://servername/netclassroom7/logo file name  Note:It has to be the internal faweb link. This will not work with the redirect link

User-added image

Note: The actual folder name is NC7 in Program files/Blackbaud but must be written as netclassroom7 in the path to the logo file as shown in the above example. 

For complete information about NetClassroom, review the Administration Guide for NetClassroom by selecting Help, User Guides from the menu bar in your software.