FTP is a data transfer tool that you can use to send or retrieve files from Blackbaud. File size requirements may vary depending on the application used to transfer files and network limitations.

The FTP server has no limit to the database size that can be uploaded to your FTP folder. The FTP application used may have limitations.

When using Web-based Secure FTP (SFTP), the application allows for the transfer of files 1.18 G maximum limit.

When using Mozilla FireFTP, the application allows for the transfer of files 2.0 G maximum limit.

When using FTP software, there is no file limit.

We recommend compressing the database files prior to uploading. Refer to How to prepare data and files to send to Blackbaud via FTP for more information.

Depending on your bandwidth, database size, network configurations, and other variables, you may experience FTP Time-out errors. Refer to The operation timed out when connecting or transferring a file to FTP for troubleshooting help.

To upload small files for a Support case, use the attachment option in Case Central (the file size limit is 10 MB).