In order to merge multiple gifts per letter in Word, all of the gifts have to be in the same row of data in the data file. The best way to create this file is through a constituent Export.

    • Create a constituent export
    • Export the addressee, salutation, address fields, and contact information as necessary.
    • Move the required gift fields into the Output. As the first gift field is moved over, the Gift Criteria screen opens. Enter the number of gifts to export and define the criteria for which gifts to export.
    • If a summary amount for the gifts is needed, move over Summary Information, Gifts, Total Gift Amount and enter the same criteria as entered in step 3.
    • Export. All of the gifts will be in one row in the data file.
    • In the merge letter insert all of the Gift fields, i.e. Gift Amount 1, Gift Date 1, Gift Amount 2, Gift Date 2, etc.
    • The gift information that was exported for each constituent will fill in these gift fields. The first gift will fill in the Gift 1 fields, the second gift will fill in the Gift 2 fields and will continue until the last gift is used. Any extra fields will be blank and can be suppressed in Word.
      Note: You can only include 61 fields in the mail merge document, otherwise you may receive the error Error: The current 'Word Merge' export format cannot have more than 61 fields selected. If you receive this error, consider running the Run the Annual Statement report.