The GL Distributions are determined by the "Gift type" on the gift record. These gift types are shown on the GL Distributions tab of the gift record. When manually entering a gift, you will only see the following gift types available:

1. Cash
2. Pledge
3. Stock/Property
4. Gift in kind
5. Other
6. Recurring gift

However, these gift types further sub-divide themselves based upon how the gift was entered and if they have been applied to pledges or if those gifts are linked to memberships (dues), etc. When looking at the GL Distributions tab of a gift record, the other gift types that you see all correspond to how you entered those gifts. In other words, any gift types that say "Pledge Pay" in front of the gift name are gifts that were used as payments towards pledges.

A cash gift not applied to a pledge would post to the regular "Cash" accounts whereas a cash gift that was a payment to a pledge would post in the "Pledge Pay - Cash" account and so forth and so on. Also, pledges that have installments post to two separate accounts (Pledge Current and Pledge Future) based upon when the installments actually fall due.

Stock gifts are also further subdivided based upon whether or not the stock gift has been sold. You can also write-off pledges and these write-offs will also post to their own separate sets of accounts.

Set up your accounts in General Ledger according to how your users intend to use the system and based upon what you wish to track. In other words, if tracking write-offs in the ledger is not important to you, then you don't need to fill out debit and credit account numbers to post these to in the GL system. These gifts would show up as exceptions in your posting reports.

You cannot control which gifts post unless you flag the gift as "Do not post" in the GL Post status field. Otherwise, these exceptions (if they have no valid GL distribution set up) will show up in your exception reports. All gifts with a post status of "Not posted" will post when running the Post to GL function in administration.