NOTE: Beginning with version 7.82, AddressAccelerator must be unlocked before it can be used.

When you choose the optional module AddressAccelerator as your address correction data service, you can download address information used to CASS certify your mailing addresses. The files contain every deliverable mailing address in the United States (or Canada). AddressAccelerator performs the following functions:

  • Update addresses with missing or misspelled information
  • Correct missing or incorrect 5-digit ZIP codes
  • Add ZIP+4 codes to an address
  • Add carrier route codes and delivery point codes
  • Add counties
  • Standardize street addresses. You can replace full words with standardized abbreviations (i.e., change Street to ST) or replace abbreviations with full words (i.e., change ST to Street).

You can CASS certify the addresses included in a specific mailing by running PostalSaver on the PostalSaver tab of a mailing function. Also, you can correct addresses from a constituent record or batch.

When you correct an address using AddressAccelerator, you automatically CASS certify the address, qualifying you for postal discounts on mailings. AddressAccelerator provides CASS certification through Satori Software, Inc., an official CASS certification agent. You can use the AddressAccelerator data files to CASS certify the addresses in your database as often as necessary. A feature of AddressAccelerator also allows you to filter out addresses that have been certified in the past 90 or 180 days to cut down on processing time.

Follow the steps below to validate your addresses using AddressAccelerator:

  1. Download and install the latest AddressAccelerator data files.
  2. Select your address formatting preference.
  3. Validate addresses for a group of records.
    Validate one address at a time.

 Note: AddressAccelerator is updated every two months. Subscribe to alerts to be notified when a new update is available.


If you are interested in purchasing Address Accelerator or receiving more information, contact your account manager.
For information from the United States Postal Service regarding Bulk Mail, refer to