1. In Configuration, select the Membership Categories tab
2. Open a category and select the Renewal Information tab
3. Indicate a time frame which is a grace period in the Drop this membership after being lapsed for option
4. Click Administration and select Drop Lapsed Members

This function drops everyone who has lapsed within the time frame you have indicated in the Date to use field and works in conjunction with the grace period defined above in Configuration. If you specify 'Include All Dates', the above grace period is ignored and all lapsed members in the database will be dropped.

For example, John Smith has an individual membership that expired on 8/31/01. Today is 11/01/2001. The individual category is set to "Drop this membership after being lapsed for 3 months". The membership has not been lapsed for three months so it will not be dropped. The first date it would be eligible to be dropped is 12/01/2001. If Drop Lapsed Members is run on or after 12/01/2001, the membership will be dropped.