Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    1. Ensure no large tasks are being run by another user
    2. Ensure that all child windows are closed. To do this, press Alt + Tab to scroll through each open window. For example, a message box is open needing you to click Yes or No before you can continue with your data entry.
    3. Recreate the batch that is hanging
    4. Recreate the batch template
    5. In Configuration, Business Rules, Generate IDs, click the Change Number button and enter one number higher than the largest ID in the database. If this number is not the highest number, The Raiser's Edge processes through each of the numbers to find ones that are not in use. This adds processing time.
    6. Unmark the business rule for automatically generating Gift IDs. Note: Unmarking this option causes gifts to be created without Gift IDs.
    7. Troubleshoot general performance issues
    8. If the batch is hanging during the commit process:
    9. End task on The Raiser's Edge
    10. Log back into The Raiser's Edge
    11. Create a query committed through the specific batch to confirm the gifts successfully committed