The Cash Receipts Journal provides information about cash and stock/property gifts received within a date range you specify. The report comes in two types, detail and summary. To print both at the same time, on the General tab under Report Type, mark Both.

The detail report (see below) lists each gift separately and includes columns for gift date, constituent name, fund, amount, payment type, check date, and check number. In version 7, you can select one optional column on the Format tab.

The summary report summarizes totals for each gift type by campaign, fund, appeal, and/or constituent code, depending on the Detail options you select on the Format tab. It includes columns for fund ID, description, gift type, number of gifts, gift amounts, debit account, and credit account. The report also includes number of gifts and amount subtotals based on the summary field. Both report types include grand totals.

To run the report:
  1. Open Reports, Financial Reports
  2. Select the Cash Receipts Journal
  3. Enter the appropriate information on each of the tabs
  4. Click Print or Preview
For more detailed instructions, review the Reports Guide (PDF).