In order to maintain a clean audit trail, an account that has activity posted to it or a budget defined for it may not be deleted.

Possible Alternative solutions:

  • To remove this account from reports, exclude it from the Visual Chart Organizer template using the account filters option
  • To prevent posting to the account, mark the account as Inactive - prevent data entry and posting
  • If the activity is in a previous year that can be summarized:
    1. Close the fiscal year in which the account activity is present
    2. Summarize the closed fiscal year
    3. Purge the fiscal year to remove the activity from the summarized, closed fiscal year

Note: During the summarizing process, the program removes all transaction detail, including associated distributions. The program does, however, save the beginning and ending balances as well as the total net change for the project, class, and transaction code distribution for each fiscal period.