The Validation Report in batch lists the gifts present in the batch entry. (The report is run from an open batch at File > preview > validation report.) This report is a means to review data on each row of the batch in a convenient report form. This report is a tool just for batch entry and does not have any direct bearing on committing the batch.

If a gift is listed in the Validation Report but is not appearing on the Batch Commit Control Report, review the following:
  • Is the gift still present in the batch? If it is not, the gift may have been deleted after the Validation Report was run and before the batch was committed / Batch Commit Control Report was created. This may apply especially if the batch is recurring batch.
  • If the gift is still present, then it "excepted out" from the commit. recommit the batch to find the exceptions through the Batch Commit Control report. If needed, refer to How to commit a batch for the full commit process.