• Click Config, Business Rules, User defined rules

    • Select the appropriate rule and click Open

    • Note the query that the business rule is based on

    • Open that query in Query

    • Make sure that the query is dynamic

      Note: All queries that are used in Business Rules should be dynamic so new constituents who meet the specified criteria are included.  You can change the query format to dynamic by selecting Tools, Query Options.

    • Verify the query being used has the appropriate criteria and that all the necessary records appear in the results. Make sure the constituent appears in your query results (or does not appear, depending).

      Note: The Business Rule will only be applied to constituents in your query.  If a constituent does not appear in your query results, the Business rule will not appear when accessing their constituent record.

    • Make sure the constituent is not marked as deceased, inactive or has no valid address on the Bio1 tab. If they are, either unselect those checkboxes or make sure you have chosen to include those constituents in your query.
    • Check the business rule and make sure you are not limiting it to specific user groups. If so, make sure that The Raiser's Edge user who is trying to see the rule is a member of one of the listed groups.