PostalSaver, formerly Postal Discounts, is an optional module that prints all the necessary forms for Standard, First Class, and Periodical mailings, for both Profit and Nonprofit rates:
  • PS Forms

  • USPS Qualification report, which satisfies the Postal Service requirement for PAVE Certified or Standardized Documentation.

  • The Zone Listing is a report option that is available
    for Periodical mailings.

  • Tray and sack labels
    as required.

Note: If you also have AddressAccelerator, you have an additional report called the CASS Summary Report, also called Form 3553, which verifies the CASS certification of your mailing list. You can run this report from the Postal tab in Quick Letters or by running AddressAccelerator from the Data Health Center.

To purchase PostalSaver or AddressAccelerator, email