Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Add the fund to the gift before saving it whether the gift is being added in a batch or from the constituent record. If using a batch, make sure each gift in the batch has a fund. If importing, make sure each gift in the import file has a fund.
  2. In a gift batch, list the Fund field before the Credit Type field so that is entered first.
  3. If the Fund field is grayed out (can't type in it), go to Gift > Split Gift to make sure each row/split has a fund. Edit the split gift and delete the last blank row.
  4. Review Gift > Match for matching gift pledge(s) to ensure each pledge has a fund.
  5. If applying the gift to an event, create a gift default for the event with the selected fund or set the Business Rules in Configuration to Do Not Add Gift while working in Batch. Select Always Add or Prompt when working in Event Records directly.
  6. In a batch, delete the row with the problem gift and reenter.