The CVV2 code is required by the NetDonors credit card processor and is a feature that provides additional protection for your organization and your constituents. Your online donors are required to enter a Card Security Code (CVV2) with all credit card transactions. Credit card transactions with invalid Card Security Codes are declined, and donors receive the message "Unable to authorize this card."

The Card Security Codes, including CVV2 (Card Verification Value) for Visa, CVC2 (Card Validation Code) for MasterCard, and CID (Card Identification Number) for American Express and Discover Card, help prevent fraud and protect your donors when processing card-not-present transactions. The values help verify that a donor has the credit card and that the account number is legitimate. With this information, you can make better decisions about online donations. Since the introduction of these codes in 2000, this fraud prevention tool has been rapidly accepted as proof that the credit card is present. Visa estimates that the use of CVV2 will reduce fraud-related charge backs by as much as 26%.

For security reasons, the Card Security Codes are not stored on Blackbaud's server and are not available to you in the downloaded transactions. This is supplement to Blackbaud's Privacy policy.

For more information on Card Security Codes, refer to What are CVV, CSC, or CID numbers and why can't they be tracked? (BB186555).