The New Donors Report identifies new donors whose first gift meets the report's criteria. The report includes constituent name and address, gift type, gift date, gift amount, fund, and appeal. It is useful to identify first-time donors to a particular campaign, fund, or appeal.

To run the report:

    • Click Reports, Analytical Reports, New Donors Report.
    • On the General tab, select which constituents and gift dates to include. Mark the Create output query checkbox to create a query of the constituents or gifts that are included in the report.
    • On the Filters tab, select which campaigns, funds, appeals, constituent codes, constituent solicitors, and gift solicitors.
    • On the Gift types tab, select the gift types to include. The default is all except write-offs.
    • On the Attributes tab, select the attributes to include or to exclude.
    • On the Ind. Address tab, select which address to use for individuals.
    • On the Org. Address tab, select which address to use for organizations.
    • On the Format tab, select the formatting for the report such as which addressee to use for constituents.
    • Click Save to save the report criteria.
    • Click Print or click Preview to run the report.

    Example of how the report processes:

    Mr. Marvin Moneybags has donated two gifts: $1,000,000 to the Building Fund on 12/25/1995 and $10,000,000 to the Scholarship Fund on 12/1/2002. If you run the New Donors Report using the date range, 12/1/2002 - 12/31/2002, and include only the Scholarship Fund on the Filters tab, Mr. Moneybags appears in the report because he is a new donor to the Scholarship Fund within the report date range.