We recommend you create and save a parameter file for Advance Notice Letters using the Donor Acknowledgement Letters mail task. Use this letter to include acknowledgement and confirmation information. BACS requires you to include certain fields (such as the first instalment due date and the account name and number) in the advance notice letter. For more information about these fields, contact your sponsoring bank.

If you use a conditional mail merge letter to send acknowledgement letters, you need to edit the individual letters. Each individual letter (not the main conditional letter) should include a statement that is conditional if the advance notice letter has been sent. For more information, email Support at Support@BBEurope.co.uk.
  1. On the Raiser’s Edge bar, click Mail.
  2. Select Donor Acknowledgement Letters and click New.
  3. On the General tab in the Date field, select the date(s) you want to process your letters for.
  4. In the Advance Notice Letters frame, check the Mark gift as adv. Notice sent checkbox.
    Note: The Advance Notice Letters frame is available only if you have
    1. the Paperless mandates used checkbox checked on the General page in Configuration
    2. if SEPA is enabled in Config, Business Rules, SEPA (Europe only)..
  5. Enter the date in the field next to the Mark gift as adv. notice sent checkbox. The date you enter in this field defaults automatically in the Date adv. notice sent field on the Instruction Details screen in the gift record.
  6. Select the Fields to Include tab. Select all the fields you need for your acknowledgement letter, confirmation letter, and advance notice letter.
    Note: For more information about the required fields for BACS, contact your sponsoring bank. For more information about processing Donor Acknowledgement Letters, see the Donor Acknowledgement Letters chapter of the Letters Guide.
  7. On the Gift Types tab, include Recurring Gift and Pledge. If there are amendments added to the Recurring Gift that require the Advance Notice letter to be resent, include Amendment in the Gift Types. If the letter for ammendments needs to have different text, consider setting up a conditional mail merge based on gift type.
  8. Click Export. The data file is created for you to use in your mail merge for advance notice letters. A message appears asking if you want to mark the gifts as “Acknowledged” and default a date in the Date adv notice sent field on the gift record.
  9. To update the gift record automatically, click Yes. You now have the export file to create a mail merge.