The No. advance notice days is the number of days that must elapse before the instruction record is sent and collection of the debit can begin for paperless mandates. A letter should be sent to the donor informing him that a payment is going to be debited from his bank account.

If you leave the No. of advance notice days field blank, the date of the advance notice sent on the gift is ignored during EFT transmission file processing.

Note for UK clients:
Below is the BACS definition of the time scale for Advance Notice as  defined in "The Service User's Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme" version 3.4, published by BACS. As the guide may be updated, always consult  the latest Direct Debit user guide to ensure this time scale information has not changed.
If you do not have a copy of this Direct Debit guide then please contact your Sponsoring Bank or BACS.

"The default period in the absence of any other agreement (the time allowed for receipt of the advance notice by the payer) is a minimum of 10 working days plus postal time. When sending advance notice, sufficient postage time should be allowed to ensure the payer receives the period of advance notice as agreed."  -- Extract from section 4.2 of the guide