Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. In Registrar's Office, Click Records, Courses and open the course record.
  2. On the Grading tab, edit the appropriate year. If grading information does not exist for the academic year, add it.
  3. Mark the Graded checkbox, select at least one marking column.
  4. Verify that the graded marking column is marked as View or Edit.
  5. In Registrar's Office, associate the term in which the course is scheduled with the marking column:
    1. Open Configuration and click Registrar Setup.
    2. Select Marking Column Sets and open the Marking Column Set.
    3. For the appropriate Marking Column, place your cursor in the Selected Terms column.
    4. Click the binoculars.
    5. Highlight the desired Term on the left and hit the single right arrow to move it over to the right.
    6. Click OK and save and close the marking column set.
  6. Search for a duplicate Faculty/Staff record:    
    1. In Records, click Faculty/Staff and select Open a Faculty/Staff member
    2. Or in the search box, click on the binoculars.
    3. Enter the Faculty/Staff record name in the name fields.
    4. Click Find now.
    5. If there are duplicate records, delete or merge the duplicate record.

If all gradebooks are missing, refer to All Gradebooks are missing from the Home page (BB402476).
If the missing gradebook has been previously accessed and/or you have a re-direct in place, refer to Some gradebooks missing in FAWeb after teachers have already accessed the gradebooks  (BB738223).
If students are missing in Gradebook or Attendance, refer to Students are missing in Faculty Access for the Web Gradebook or Attendance (BB108974).