If the deposit has already been marked as closed:

  1. In Records, Deposits, locate and open the deposit. 
  2. On the Deposit tab, change the status from Closed to Open.
  3. Unmark the Cleared checkbox if appropriate.
  4. Save the deposit.
  5. Select the Payments tab, highlight the Payment and click open.
  6. Select Payment, Void this payment from the menu bar.
  7. On the Void Payment screen, enter the appropriate information and click Void Payment Now.
If the deposit is reconciled, the payments cannot be edited. 

If the payment is applied to a generated advance deposit, you must first unapply and delete the generated credit before unapplying and deleting the payment. Notes:
  • Reversing entries are created the next time you post.
  • A payment cannot be voided if the deposit it is associated with has been reconciled. Voiding a payment could also change the deposit total, depending on the option selected when voiding the deposit, which could cause potential reconciliation issues.
  • If you have the optional module Cash Management you have additional options available. Refer to What are the available options when voiding a payment.
  • A payment cannot be voided if it has a status of not yet posted, instead this payment can simply be deleted.