Post Status is a required field when adding gifts in Records or in Batch. The field indicates the gift's status with respect to your organization's accounting department and includes three possible values: Posted, Not Posted, and Do Not Post. The field has no connection to whether the gift has been posted (or committed) from Batch to the constituent's record.

Typically, new gifts have a post status of Not Posted. This indicates that the gift is not currently tracked in your accounting software. When you next run the Post to General Ledger function in Administration, only gifts marked as Not Posted are included in the export file. After a gift is posted to General Ledger in Administration, the post status on the gift record is automatically updated from Not Posted to Posted.

Once a gift record is marked as Posted, you cannot edit the gift amount, gift date, campaign, fund, appeal, package, Post Status, or GL Post Date. This is because The Raiser's Edge believes the gift is also being tracked in your accounting software and any changes made to the gift record could impact account balances.

If you delete a gift marked as Posted, it remains in the database (although no longer present on the constituent's record) and is included in the export file the next time you post to General Ledger. This way, you import a reversing transaction to your accounting software.