1. Run a Prepayment report which lists any checks that need interfund entries as an exception
  2. Review the post report to locate which entry is crossing funds and correct the invoice.
  3. Use a query to find the problem invoice:
    1. Create an invoice query.
    2. On the Criteria tab, select Invoice Status equals Pending (to show only unpaid invoices).
    3. On the Output tab, select Invoice number, Vendor name, Invoice date, Invoice amount, Account number, Amount and any other information to see in the results.
    4. Sort by Account number.
    5. Select the Results tab.
    6. Scroll through the results until the problem invoice(s) are found.
    7. Open the invoice(s) from the query results screen to correct them or add the applicable interfund entry set to the bank
    8. Print the checks.
If your organization only has one fund, or there are no transactions crossing funds, exit and sign out of the Financial Edge and log back in to re process.