Note: The following describes the minimum rights required to void and purge checks. Additional rights may be given at the discretion of the Administrator.

  1. Log in as Supervisor and click Administration on the navigation bar
  2. Click Set up system security
  3. Click New Group or select the group of which the user is a member and click Open
  4. In the System Components frame, mark Accounts Payable
  5. Mark Shared Component
  6. In the Shared Components Privileges frame, mark Bank Accounts and click Options
  7. Mark Bank Account List and select View and Edit options for each account the user has rights to
  8. Mark Bank Accounts and mark the options for View, Add, Edit, Delete for Bank Accounts and Payment Information
  9. Mark Accounts Payable and mark View and Void for each transaction type
  10. In the Miscellaneous options, mark the Void options
  11. To also give rights to purge checks, Mark Administrative Tasks and Purge voided transactions.
  12. Click OK or Save and Close