Run a Detailed Sales Report and follow the steps below:

1. Run the report including any filtering information on date and item
2. When the results display, right click and select Show/Hide Columns
3. Select Customer Name and/or Account #
4. Include any other desired fields and remove any undesired fields
5. When report displays, user can select any column displayed and the report will sort by that information (e.g. Customer Name)
6. User can then click on the Customer name column and move it to the left hand side of the report. This will report by Customer.

RMS reports are dynamic and the results can be dramatically adjusted depending upon the user's end goal. Any column can be the column the report is run by, the report can be summarized by collapsing columns or detailed by expanding columns.
1. Open Manager
2. Select Reports
3. Select Sales, Detailed Sales
4. Select the appropriate date filters
5. Click OK
6. In the report, right click and select Hide/Unhide Columns and choose Customers.
7. Click the Customer header to sort alphabetically by customer.