Upload the signature file or logo file in The Financial Edge on a machine without photo editing software installed, or make one of the following changes.

For IrfanView:
  1. Exit and sign out of The Financial Edge
  2. Open IrfanView
  3. Select Options, Properties from menu bar
  4. Select the Extensions tab
  5. Unmark the BMP checkbox, click OK
  6. Close IrfanView
  7. Open the Financial Edge and verify that the electronic signature is showing correctly

For QuickTime Picture Viewer:
  1. Open QuickTime Player
  2. Select Edit, Preferences, QuickTime Preferences from the menu bar
  3. Select File Type Associations from the drop-down list
  4. Unmark the Windows file types checkbox and close QuickTime Player
  5. Set the Windows Preferences to always open .bmp files with Paint

For Microsoft Office Picture Manager:
  1. Exit and sign out of The Financial Edge
  2. Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  3. Select Tools, File Types
  4. Unmark the BMP checkbox
  5. Click OK
  6. Close Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  7. Open The Financial Edge and verify the electronic signature is showing correctly
Alternative Solution:
  1. Log onto the database server as an Administrative Windows user.
  2. Place the signature file on a shared drive or location at the server.
  3. Log into the Financial Edge as a Supervisor user.
  4. In Accounts Payable select the appropriate Bank from the drop-down > Edit Account Details > Payments tab > select the appropriate payment type > then select Edit Payment Options.
  5. Select the Signature File 1 or 2 > edit the signature file > Then select Open > and browse out to the Signature file name at the new location on the server.
  6. The signature file will now preview correctly and be available for all users in Accounts Payable.