1. Either change the account on the GL Distribution tab to an active account
Mark the account as active 

2. Exit and sign out
3. Log in and try the process again

Note: If printing checks, the inactive account needs to be changed on the invoice. If using a date, the date after 'inactive - prevent data entry and posting' is a future date

If receiving this error when Posting to General Ledger from The Raiser's Edge, after making the above changes in the General Ledger, do the following:

1. Log into General Ledger as Supervisor and select Plug-Ins.
2. Select the Update Accounts plug-in.
3. Mark the options for "Update Projects" and "Update Accounts", then click "Update".
4. After running this plug-in, log back into The Raiser's Edge 7 and try to run the Post to General Ledger function again.