Since the records for unposted gifts are removed from the database when deleted in the front end (UI), you can only view deleted gifts that were already posted to General Ledger. The SQL query below will pull the posted gifts that were deleted, the user name and the date it was deleted. 

select USERS.NAME AS [User], GIFT.DATEADDED AS [Gift Deletion Date], GIFT.GLReversalConstituentName AS [Constituent Name]
from USERS 
where GIFT.TYPE=32 --GL reversal Gift type only
Note: Once a gift is deleted, it is completely removed from the database with one exception. If a gift is marked as Posted (to GL) and then deleted, the gift type changes to GL Reversal. That gift remains in the database until the next posting to GL. Once the deleted gift is posted to GL, it is removed from the database as well. Therefore, the SQL statement can only pull gifts that have a type of GL Reversal, which are deleted posted gifts.

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