Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. If the field is missing from the export file:
    1. In the Raiser's Edge/Education Edge/Financial Edge, open the export
    2. On the Output tab, add the missing field
    3. Re-export the data
    4. Save and Close the export
  2. If the Export is not in the Blackbaud Report Writer Database MDB format:
    1. Change the format of the Export to Blackbaud Report Writer Database MDB format
    2. Recreate the Crystal report using the new export format
  3. Remove the field from the report:
    Crystal XI Crystal 8.5
    1. Select Database > Database Expert
    2. On the right side, select the table noted in the error message
    3. Use the "<" button to remove the table
    4. Refresh the report
    5. Select Database > Remove from Report
    6. Remove the table noted in the error message
    7. Refresh the report
  4. If the field name has changed, update the report to reference the new field:
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    2. Select Database > Verify Database
    3. If prompted to verify fields not found in the report click Yes
    4. When the Unmapped fields window opens, click the field in the top left hand window
    5. Click on the field equivalent in the top right hand window
    6. Click Map
    7. Click OK
    8. Refresh the report
  5. If the field has been removed from the export and it does not appear to be in the report as well
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    2. Select Database > Verify Database
    3. Click OK to any prompts that appear
    4. Refresh the report
  6. If the field that is missing should not be included in the referenced table, for example: "Act_IDKEY in table ActNote_1 is required by the report but not present in the export file". The Act_IDKEY should never be present in the ActNote_1. Open the report in Crystal Reports and go to Database > Set Data Source Location. You will see the Act table as Act (Act) and the ActNote_1 table as ActNote_1 (Act). This means the ActNote_1 table is actually an alias of the Act table. 
    1. Remove the current ActNote_1 table from the Database Expert
    2. Re-add the ActNote_1 table
  7. If the Blackbaud software was upgraded from SQL Anywhere to ASA or SQL Anywhere to SQL Server, recreate the Crystal Report