Benefit combines with pay type distribution instead of employee GL distribution

When a benefit is set to combine account code with employee GL distribution, benefit actually combines with account segments on pay types according to the percentage of calculation allocated to each pay type. One or all pay types calculates using a specific account with segments different from employee GL distribution.

Employee GL distribution is 01-****-00.
Hourly pay type is set to combine with account code 5000. Goes to 01-5000-00 for 67%.
Overtime pay type set to be 01-5010-01. Goes to 01-5010-01 for 33%.
Retirement benefit is set to combine with 5120. 67% goes to 01-5120-00 and 33% goes to 01-5120-01.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Payroll, go to Records, Employees, open Murray Adams.
2. Select the Activity tab, and double-click to open the calculation.
3. On the Gross Pay Distribution tab, note that 67% of the calculation debits 01-5000-00 and 33% of the calculation debits 01-5010-01. Close the calculation.
4. On the Activity tab, highlight calculation for 5/8/15 and click View Payment.
5. Select the Distribution tab and click on the Dr/Cr Entries icon.
6. Note the Retirement benefit (associated with 403(b) Employer expense). 67% goes to 01-5120-00 and 33% goes to 01-5120-01.


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